Celtic Learners Network The Celtic Learners Network is an Adult Learning facility in Cardiff and the Vale, offering a wide range of Humanities courses.


27/9/14 Free Autumn Launch

For a free taste of the term to come please join us for this free event where you can speak to tutors, have free refreshments and get 10% off ALL ENROLMENTS! Cardiff story upstairs conference room

11am - 11.30am Who was the real Mary Shelley?. Carla Davies
Find out the truth about this author whose work is known and loved worldwide, how much of herself did she put into her work. A taste of the upcoming day school.

11.40 - 12.15pm .The Celtic Princess Tomb. Ceri Lane
An overview of the stunning Danube Celtic tomb with the artifacts found inside and what it tells us about Celtic culture.

12.15 Refreshment break

12.50 - 1.20pm. The Greeks, The Jews and Us. Brian Swales
Why do ancient writings still influence our thinking in this modern world of the 21st century? The Classical Greek writings of antiquity, and a collection of documents written in ancient scripts and hidden from the Romans for almost 2000 years, can answer this question.

1.25 - 1.55pm Modern History. Chris Owen
Where schools and most classic forms of History look to the past outside of their own generations, we will look at the events of the last 25 years. Enjoy a taste of this upcoming day school.




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