Celtic Learners Network The Celtic Learners Network is an Adult Learning facility in Cardiff and the Vale, offering a wide range of Humanities courses.

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The Celtic Learners Network is an established organisation that provides a wide range of Humanities courses in Cardiff, the Vale of Glamorgan, and further afield in South East Wales. Set up by experienced and enthusiastic business partners, we have a diverse, vibrant team of tutors that offer courses in a range of subject areas such as creative writing, photography, art, history, mythology and literature. The CLN believes that bringing education into the community involves creating positive partnerships, and is currently in partnership with Cadw as well as providing an advisory consultant role to Insole Court Trust.


The CLN logo is the triskele symbol popular in ancient Celtic cultures throughout the world. It represents the tripartite cycle of life; life, death and rebirth. We chose this because, for us, it represents the personal development that learning can bring. Our motto is 'Education For All' and we are passionate about delivering education to all members of the community.


We provide workshops, lectures, day schools and weekly classes in a range of venues in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. Our goal is to create a friendly relaxed environment for all students, whilst giving the widest possible choice of innovative and thought-provoking subjects. We are also deliver exciting extended projects which bring the CLN to venues all over Wales, including the three year project History Chef, created in partnership with Cadw.




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